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Nashira Butler, Owner

Meet the Owner! Nashira, is a native of Jacksonville, Florida who decided to combine her classroom experience and the love that she has for baking. Now she has over 1,000 students and a baking community of over 60 groups on Facebook!

The Classic Cookies Academy

The Classic Cookies Academy was established in March of 2020. It is a virtual academy that teaches many cookie and treat tutorials the 'Classic' way. The Academy specializes in teaching students how to "let the dough make the dough". It also includes a business course on how to make over $500 in a day!

The Classic Way

Classic Cookies are made from scratch drop cookies. We have over 60 recipes that you can use to enjoy with friends and family or add to your menu and make some real dough!

The Classic Cookies Academy

Join the Academy today and learn how to make some real dough!